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High temperature purification - thermal, halogen and vacuum
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  • Thermal Purification
  • Halogen Purification
  • Low Temperature Purification

Advanced Carbon Technologies, Inc. (ACT) performs coating, impregnation and purification of a wide range of materials including graphite, graphite composites, ceramics and refractory materials. Using specially designed high temperature induction furnaces that can be operated under vacuum or near atmospheric pressure using an inert gas or halogen gas mixture these materials can be purified to exacting specifications. Depending upon process conditions and customer requirements, purity levels of processed materials range from several hundred to less than five (5) parts per million.

Our purification furnace processes can be carried out over a wide range of temperatures (up to 3000°C); pressures (less than 1.0 torr to 760 torr); and furnace atmospheres including inert gases, reducing gases, and halogen gases or gas mixtures. For products that will not take high temperatures we offer low temperature purification (as low as 1200°C) in a vacuum atmosphere.

Research & Development
ACT also has small furnaces available for exploratory work or to determine optimum process conditions (temperature, pressure, gases, cycle times) prior to full scale production. When studying the feasibility of exploratory projects, avoid premature capital investments by using our testing furnaces as a low-cost alternative.

Vacuum induction furnaces Specially designed vacuum induction furnaces purify materials to exacting specifications.

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